A New Year. New Possibilities.

LiveJournal and Hotmail Issues.....
What a pain...

My hotmail is not inactive. In fact, is very active because of LiveJournal, but now LiveJournal keeps saying that my email has been marked as unvalidated (not invalidated) because they have been receiving errors messages from my mail server for at least ONE WEEK!!!

Until yesterday I was receiving mails alright! I had to change my LiveJournal hotmail for a gmail one........... But I want my hotmail back to LiveJournal! boohoo

He is really having the biggest of fun!

Activity ...
Well... That is something that will not occur too much around here... Sorry.

Where I am active? Tumblr!!! That's where you are going to find me!!! Tons of pic, news and comments about what? Arashi!!! My owners! Mostly Nino.

Oh! And I luuuuv to play Miramagia!!!

I used to be very fond of Facebook, but Tumblr... Tumblr is ME! I can put in there only what is beautiful to me!

And I really appreciated to find LiveJournal! There some people here really lovely and creative!!!

At least, the few that I had the craving to exchange some words with, were very gracious with me. I am thankful.

About the LiveJournal, to me is a place where many like to post their art/work and thoughts.

I am not an artist. Unfortunately. And I wrote personal journals from 12 yo to 30 yo! I didn't have more space to keep my diaries! But that helped me to bear the adolescence and to understand a little about me. I recommend it.

Nowadays, my life is a lot more complicated and my need is more about to talk with people around me and look for solutions for the day by day.

Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter (activity close to zero :( ) are for relax, to see beautiful things that are far from me or that I can't create by myself.

I have no intention of leaving LJ. I like here. I always find nice people that don't mind my ghostly existence.

I will be around here, ok?

Olá - Hello
I am Brazilian, but will use the English for a wider reach.

I've just read in a blog that the blogger won't add/be friend with someone with empty LJ... OoO

That made me think. I am an empty LJ!!

I only keep this URL so I can find information/news about Arashi.

Yeah... I am Brazilian and I am an Arashi's fangirl!!!

And I don't want the good people from LJ thinking that this ex-empty blog belongs to a freak!

I live in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, one of the most busy States in Brazil, with my parents and a baby sister. I have my own car and the most beautiful kitten in the world!!!

I work as manager's assistant in a engineering company.

About Arashi, I discover them after watching Hana Yori Dango em December 2012. Yes. I am a Jun-baited.

Since then, I decided to learn Japanese and I am saving to visit Japan!

See? Not a weirdo ;^b

See you here -3-


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