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Nino Facts

Originally posted by kanpekilife at Nino Facts
here some of Nino facts that you must know! XD
I got this from some of his TV shows and ninofacts @twitter.


- Nino was born on 17th June 1983 in Katsuraga city, Tokyo.
- Nino is the second child and the only son in his family.
- Nino has a sister who is 2 years older than him.
- Nino lives with his mother and his older sister.
- Nino's parents divorced when he was young, and his father left the family.
- Nino is the heir of his grandfather's windscreen factory since he's the only son of the family.
- Nino is 166 cm tall and weighs 51 kg.
- Nino wants to have a daughter if he gets married because he wants to be the last Ninomiya's name carrier in the family.
- When he was little, Nino wanted to be a pro-baseball player, then a policeman.
- Nino's cousin sent in the application to enter Johnny's Jimusho for him secretly.
- Nino didn't want to go to the audition because of a baseball game, thus his mother bribed him with 5000 yen. LOL XD
- Nino debuted as an actor in 1997 through a stage play, Stand By Me, together with Jun, Aiba and Ikuta Toma.
- Before debuting as Arashi, Nino wanted to quit Johnny's Jimusho to study directing.
- He went to Johnny's house with Sho to discuss their quitting plans when they found out about his plan to debut Arashi.
- Nino has brown eyes.
- Nino is ambidextrous.
- Nino broke his left arm during his Jr days, and it was infected with bacteria.
- Nino plays guitar with his right hand due to the broken bone on his left hand.
- Nino loves to play baseball. Once, Sho called him "the baseball boy"
- Nino can play guitar, bass, piano, drums and harmonica.
- Nino learned to play piano through a book called "Let's Make A Band!"
- Nino has mastered various magic tricks.
- He was bored when he suddenly thought of learning magic.
- Nino is the second youngest member of Arashi.
- Among the kouhais Nino is close with are Nishikido Ryo and Murakami Shingo.
- Nino's first drama is entitled "Amagi Goe"
- Nino marked his Hollywood debut through Clint Eastwood's movie, "Letters From Iwo Jima"
- Nino is the first artist from Johnny's Jimusho to debut in a Hollywood movie.
- Before leaving for Hollywood, Ohno gave Nino some cash.
- Nino is a self-proclaimed stingy, sarcastic and mean.
- Nino collects 500 yen coins in a piggy bank.
- Nino is the prankster of the group. He had his own segment, Ni no Arashi in D no Arashi show.
- Yellow is Nino's associated colour in Arashi.
- Nino can spend three days without sleeping to play games.
- Nino lost to Jun in Himitsu no Arashi-chan's Mario Segment.
- When Nino finds a food that he likes, he can eat it continuously for months.
- Both his parents are cooks, therefore Nino can be a picky eater.
- Nino doesn't like sweets/sweet food.
- Among his favourite foods are hamburger and gyoza.
- Nino gave 5 turtles to Jun for his 17th birthday .
- Nino won the MVP award during Johnny's Sports Day in 2002.
- Nino's favourite song in Arashic album is Runaway Train.
- Sho is Nino's best friend in Arashi.
- Nino confessed that he spends a lot of time with Aiba.
- Nino treated his mom to spa and massage for her 50th birthday, but he was angry that his sister didn't pay.
- Nino has beaten Sho in an arm wrestling.
- Nino wanted to study Economics if he had the chance.
- Summer is Nino's least favourite season.
- Nino can be forgetful sometimes.
- Nino started to learn English after doing "Letters From Iwo Jima"
- Clint Eastwood praised Nino's professionalism in acting.
- Nino turned 20 unconsciously. He fell asleep while playing video games when the clock strucked at 12.
- Nino would like to date Jun if he were a girl.
- Nishikido Ryo thinks Nino is very good at connecting people together.
- When Nino was filming in America, Watanabe Ken took care of homesick Nino by making him onigiris almost everyday.
- Nino has written a lot of songs but he kept most of them as a personal collections .
- Nino has a French Bulldog and a Miniature Dachshund as family pets.
- Nino doesn't like doing kiss scenes.
- He thinks if he has to do a real kiss for kissing scenes, then he has to die for real for death scenes.
- For Nino, the most charming thing about acting is the subtle hints between the lines.
- Many Johnnys look up to Nino when it comes to acting, including his senpais like Kokubun Taichi and Nagase Tomoya.
- Nagase Tomoya: "He (Nino) feels out the flow of each scene within the story, and he responds to your acting."
- Once while filming Ohoku, Nino and Okura went to a gyoza restaurant together and talked about love matter.
- According a palm reading, Nino has the best Money Line in Arashi.
- Sho: "Nino is unbelievably clever."
- When he gets older, Nino wishes that he'd be really healthy (and muscular)
- He spends a lot of time with Ohno though since he likes to play with him :)

wanna more about him? follow us here!
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