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Johnny's Countdown 2016-2017

Only now I was able to watch to the entire Johnny's Countdown 2016-2017!

Watching to the Johnny's all together I could sort my preferences.

Well, Arashi is my world, but besides them, I have some interest in the others, although I know very little (or even nothing) about them.

I created a little ranking:

1º V6 - songs - choreography - beauty - curiosity

2º TOKIO - songs - curiosity

3º Higashiyama Noriyuki - choreography - beauty

4º Hey! Say! JUMP - beauty - curiosity

5º Sexy Zone - beauty - curiosity

6º Tackey & Tsubasa - beauty - curiosity

7º Kinky Kids - curiosity

Shouldn't Toma have been there?? I love him.
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